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  • 15 illustrated things about cats you will LOVE

    Cats are astounding animals that can both light up your life and transform it into a complete Hell. The way they treat you like you’re nothing is so irritating except for you can’t help cherishing them! Since they are Cats and they’re cushy and adorable and – above all – when they murmur, the world […]

  • Free Vector stickers – Sticky Balls

    Free Vector #DesignLove To celebrate #designlove we are giving away a free vector file of the recently launched stickers – Sticky Balls. Be free to make, break , modify this into your own style. These are designed by Gursimrat. thanx to all of you for supporting us, in this long run. Celebrate #designLove with this […]

  • Apple iPod motion graphics

    Apple iPod Motion Graphics

    Apple Motion Graphics   Hello everyone i made this Apple iPod motion graphics piece of video just for fun. The credit of the smooth motion goes to the Motion script Motion v2, which is available for purchase at here. create dby this awesome person, Matt Jylkka. You can follow Matt Jylkka. he is an amazing […]