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  • World Most Corrupt Countries

    In January 2016, Transparency International released its annual corruption index,and the corruption is based on levels of bribery, illegitimate government spending and lack of anti corruption measures or you can say public sector based corruption worldwide. Few countries remains at the bottom of list. So which countries took those spots. Three most countries in 2015 […]

  • ISIS USed Chemical Weapons in Iraq and Syria

    ISIS Used Chemical Weapons In Iraq And Syria

      John Brennan Director of Central Intelligence Agency claimed that ISIS have used Chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq battle and may have access to many more. “We have a number of instances where ISIS has used chemical munitions on the battlefield,” the CIA chief told CBS. CIA also claimed that the ISIS have the […]

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  • modi iran

    Iran Sanctions Are Lifted Off By US And EU

    US and EU lifted off their sanctions on the Iran following the UN nuclear watchdogs findings that Tehran had curbed its nuclear program as promised. With this dramatic move of lifting of sanctions, Tehran also announced the release of five American prisoners as a part of prisoners swap with America. Tens of billions of dollars […]

  • Can Any Country Own The Other Planetary Bodies ?

      The movies like Martian keep the excitement of the humans up to travel to the other planets. Th idea of human  travel to space had been popular since the first satellite was launch in 1957 and movies also get interest engaged. Different private space companies says humans will travel to space in a decade. […]

  • Russia Missile Defense Worries US

    The Washington Free Beacon reports that “Russia’s military has completed work on a new missile defense radar in southern Russia that has some U.S. military officials worried Moscow is building up offensive and defensive strategic forces in destabilizing combination.” The large radar station near Armavir, located near the Black Sea and designed to detect missiles […]

  • Petrodollar

    Petrodollar Collapse and End of American Power !

    As America is importing 70% from middle east countries, to secure reliable foreign source US president Richard Nixon in 1940’s sent his secretary of state and national security adviser Henry kissinger to Saudi Arabia for a secret meeting.The result was a pact which still stands  this day if Saudi Arabia which at the time was […]

  • ISIS Calls Anonymous Idiots !

    ISIS, Islamic militant group who take the responsibility for the Paris opened a new front in a cyber war  with activist group ‘Anonymous’ and they looks calm by the threats of  Anonymous. In a message circulated via encrypted messaging app Telegram, which may be related to ISIS  called ”Anonymous Idiots”. That came after Anonymous declared […]

  • Anonymous Declare War On ISIS Through Cyber Attacks

    After Terrorist attacks in Paris, Activist hacker group Anonymous declare war on ISIS. Anonymous released a video saying these attacks won’t go unpunished which killed around 129 people. These attacks will be done through launching Cyber attacks and will be their biggest operation ever. Anonymous posted a video to youtube on Saturday. In the video, […]

  • History of Berlin Wall

    November 9th, 2015 marks as 26th years since the fall of Berlin wall. It represented not only physical barrier for the people of Germany, But an ideology divide that split the world in two parts. What many people don’t know about Berlin Wall is that it did not run along the border between East and […]

  • Saudi Arabia to be bankrupt by 2020

    Saudi Arabia Could Be Bankrupt by 2020: IMF

    The Middle East’s biggest economy, Saudi Arabia may run out of financial assets within the next five years if the government maintains its current policies, warns the International Monetary Fund. The current cheap oil prices could lead economic downturn in the Gulf Coast. Their growth  is expected to slow down to 3 1/4 this year. […]