Category: Politics

  • Delhi Police Make A Alert Tweet For The JNU Students and Whole Country

      Under the pressure Delhi police today arrested JNU Students’ Union president Kanhaiya Kumar and booked other students for sedition following the orders from the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh where he asked the Delhi Police to take strongest possible action against those who were allegedly involved in anti-India acts in Jawaharlal Nehru University campus […]

  • ISIS Calls Anonymous Idiots !

    ISIS, Islamic militant group who take the responsibility for the Paris opened a new front in a cyber war  with activist group ‘Anonymous’ and they looks calm by the threats of  Anonymous. In a message circulated via encrypted messaging app Telegram, which may be related to ISIS  called ”Anonymous Idiots”. That came after Anonymous declared […]

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  • Tony Blair apologize for Iraq war

    Tony Blair has apologized for the Iraq war. He conceded the links between the Islamic State and Iraq war. He made the statement that there were “elements of truth” to claims the Iraq war caused the rise of Islamic State. The ex-PM said “the situation in Iraq today is resulted by those of us who […]

  • Why Hindus Attacking Muslims

      In September 2015, an angry crowd beat a Muslims to death on being accused that he ate beef although there is no proof. Hindus are not widely known for advocate violence, But in India they are very severe clashes with Muslims. So why they are attacking Muslims? Islam and Hinduism are the second and […]

  • life in syria

    Real Life In Syria

    Life in Syria in not so good. Life is Tough in Syria .Every Life in Syria is under continuous Threat .Where is UN ? Where is US? And these airstrikes By Russia are making life more Worse than ever . Syrian migrants fleeing  the nations and we all have seen the reports that Syrian Migrants […]

  • Vyapam Scam

    Vyapam Scam Mystery

    Vyapam Scam Mystery seems to be a biggest scam over the admissions and recruitment of the government officials. Vyapam came into existence from Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board(MPPEB) that also have the involvement of other politicians, senior officials and businessmen in the state. These cases over the entrance test has been reported since mid-1990s, and […]

  • Jitender Singh Tomar ,law minister , delhi government

    Delhi Government Law Minister J. S. Tomar arrested

    In the serious issues and conflicts between the Center and the AAP government, Delhi Law Minnister Jitender Singh Tomar was arrested over his alleged fake law degree on Tuesday. The law degree which he claims to be from a University in Bihar is alleged as fake by the rivals. He was arrested from his house […]

  • PM visit to Bangladesh

    PM visit to Bangladesh : Land Boundary Agreement Issues

    On his first visit as PM, Narendra Modi will shake hand with Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina to terminate the 41 years bilateral issues between the two countries. This visit seems to be an important visit to exchange instruments of ratification and have a better relations over the conflicts between the two countries. It act as […]