Afzal protest in JNU

Protest at Jawaharlal Nehru university, New Delhi made everybody think what is the extend of freedom in India when anti national slogans were raised in the university, though what happened was wrong but raising anti national slogans doesn’t seems right to anyone.

The students who made a move to protest against the country were annoyed with the court not sending a legal notice of hanging Afzal Guru, the master mind of the parliament attack charged with attempt to murder on the Prime minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, at that time.

It has always been a topic of discussion that have never come to conclusion that the people practising such inhumane activities should be given human rights or should even be considered as humans. The protesters raising their voices against the nation in protest against the government just 3 days after the hanging of a terrorist Afzal Guru on 13th of February 2016. The arrest of 13 students following the protest made it loud and clear that freedom do allow you to give your opinion but not to go against the nation, creating mess from within.

Union Home Minister: Hafiz Saeed involved in JNU Protest

The Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh claimed yesterday that the protest at the Jawaharlal University was supported by the Let Chief Hafiz Saeed. He said “I also want it to make it clear that the JNU incident has the support of LeT chief Hafiz Saeed. We should also understand this reality that Hafiz Saeed has supported this incident and it is extremely unfortunate.” He also said that “Never should have something been done which puts a question mark over the country’s sovereignty and integrity. On such occasions, the entire country should be speaking in one voice, I would also appeal to all political parties not to view such episodes through the prism of political gains and losses.”

For the same opposition thinks that they (students arrested) are children (each of them being adults i.e. above 18 as they say). The opposition parties requested for the concrete evidence on the claims of the Union Home minister over the protest.

The Rajya Sabha leader of opposition Gulam nabi Azad said ”The charge I very serious….. The government of India will have to give full-proof evidence. A mere statement dubbing the statement as anti-national and having support of Hafiz Saeed or LeT or any other foreign organization without any basis or proof , will prove disastrous for the government and the student fraternity across the country.

The government and BJP must spell out weather only those associated with BJP, RSS and ABVP are nationalists and rest are anti-nationals.”

Easy to create war

Now a days it has been very easy to spread rumours very with having all the social media around you like Facebook, Twitter etc. to say or claim things that are very sensitive.

The issue of national importance, the protest at JNU became live when the involvement of Hafiz Saeed the LeT chief was linked with the protest.

A fake twitter account of some guy impersonating himself as Hafeez Saeed said that “to continue their pro Kashmiri, Anti-India propaganda in our University.”

The account of the user was closed by twitter on complaint by the Police. The thing here which is to be understand is that the freedom to speech on the social network is one thing and making or motivating people do anti national activities or to spread rumours is another and is very important that something should be done to change the way (protest) of making wrong things right.

We think before reacting to JNU Protest .We should rationally see the chain of events and people involved .

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