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  • Devin Supertramp || The God of GlideCam

    Popularly known for his awesome videos on YouTube. Devin is the man of extraordinary intelligence. His way of shooting with a glidecam is quite famous. His major videos includes world’s largest rope swing, hoverboard, fly board, lords of gravity, gameplay of assassin creed, far cry 4, watch dogs,ultimate beach party, etc. Devin started his career […]

  • foxinsane

    What is Foxinsane ? || #FoxFacts

    #InsaneFacts How does the Foxinsane started? Follow us on facebook – Foxinsane Driven by the madness of the unending power of social network it really inspired us to stand up and do something extraordinary. To provide a platform to all the talented people out there who thinks that the internet is not their cup of […]

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  • Insane TomorrowWorld || Fastest growing music festival

    when we dream of freedom the very first word that comes to our mind in todays time is Tomorrowland, a three day music festival held across the globe every year which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. TomorrowWorld is one of the US’s largest music festivals. Attracting 160,000 revelers from more than 75 countries and all 50 […]