25 Ways Make Money Online and Offline.

    1.  Get Paid to Search Google.

You all use Google many times in a day and what now you will earn with every search you make. Qmee.com  is the which pays you for every search you make.

Plus point of this is, there is no minimum limit of Payout . You can withdraw as little as you want to your Paypal Account.

For every search you make a cash reward will be shown to you, if you are interested clink on the link and Earn reward. Simple !

  • 2 .The ‘Disney Vault’, Secret to cash

In an attempt to keep the demand high among the new generations. Disney has a policy to carefully restrict the Supply of home release classics. They are locked down and then released after a span of 8-9 years, and then go off sale for another 10-20 years or so.

HOW YOU CAN MAKE MONEY USING THIS IS. FOR EXAMPLE you could buy a movie on Blu-ray 3D for just $24. In Just a Couple of years it was on amazon for a staggering amount of $74.

One key point you should remember, Only true classic movies are subject to such vaults.

  • 3.Start your own website.

You all might have seen the movie ” The Social Network” . You all should know by now that you are only one innovative idea away from being a Billionaire.

  • 4. This is offline way of making some extra bucks. Be a delivery rider.

Own a BIcycle, bike or a car? what about a basic smartphone? These are all the thing you need along with some extra time to start working as a delivery driver.

Sign up to delivery specialist companies like DeliverooYou can easily find the job and will be paid around £16 an hour.

You can also look at other food delivery services, They need Delivery drivers or not .

5. Write a book and publish it on kindle or google books.

If you are god at writing. Short stories, Poems etc do this and this will turn into a steady money making machine, with each passing day.

Pro tip keep the price between £1.50 – £7.00 and as you earn around 70% of the sale. Considering the vast user base of kindle, it can turn out to be a ultimate selling machine.

  • 6. Affiliate marketing

You spend most of time on social networking sites, now is the time to convert that connections to Money.

Sign up to affiliate network such as Affiliate window, Clickbank.com and check their offer and products they want you to sell.

Pro tip : Set a Facebook page and invite all your friends there and then post your affiliate offers there.

7. Make money by recycling mobile phones.

You often have unused mobile phones lying around. You can sell these phones and make extra money along with doing some good to the environment .

We strongly recommend MOBILE CASH MATE . You can not only sell your second hand phones but also know how much you will be paid.

  • 8 Work as a ‘Clickworker’

The Website Clickworker.com works on the concept of ‘ internet-crowd-sourcing’ . The businesses advertise specific, salable tasks they need completing quickly and in return, you can make fast and easy money sitting in comfort of your house.

The array of works you have to do, data entry, web research.

  • 9 Get Cashback while shopping digitally

This make not sound lucrative as many mentioned above. This is equally important in not only making few bucks but also saving more cash.

You can top in class Sites , which pay a considerably high cashback.

1.Top Cashback

2. Quidco.com

3. Swagbuck

The above mentioned sites are free and offer the best in class selection from retailers and exclusives.

  • 10. Part time Jobs

This is for sure the first choice of many young students. For finding part-time job for students we strongly recommend you check local classifieds. Specially for the student jobs and part time job sections .

  • 11. Fiverr

Fiverrr is the largest market place for people selling small services, also known as ‘Gigs’.

You can make money for doing very small works such as, social media posting, playing pranks and even for teaching music to people around the world.

The default price tag is $5 but you can add extra services to make more money.

You can easily use Fiverr to outsorce your won bids on site like freelancer or Truelancer.

  • 12. Make money for reviewing MUSIC.

Now you can turn your passion for music into a money making machine.  Slicethepie  is the place for you to sign up. Slicethepie and enjoy your chunk of money.

  • 13. Make few extra bucks by selling your old notes.

We all as Students make notes and now we can use them to make some extra bucks. There are many site out there who will pay money to get those old notes of yours.

Sites like  Stuvia  and Notesale  are free and an excellent place to sell your old notes.

The process of selling is quite simple , you will have to upload a pdf format of your notes.

  • 14. Sell you old second-hand course books

As with your notes you can sell your old books and make money. Amazon Market place is the best place to do so.

  • 15.  Turn your car parking for renting

You can rent your drive or garage. If you are not using it then surely you can rent it out.

Provided you live in a busy area, where parking is a issue. You can use site like Gumtree, parklet or Just Park.  to make sure people know the space is available for parking.

  • 16. Babysitting

We all love kids and now make some more money for spending time with them and also taking care of them . Findababysitter.com is a excellent place for both finding and being a baby sitter.

Don’t worry pet lovers we have not left you behind 🙂

  • 17. Dog waling and sitting.

Taking care of babies may be challenging for many. For them, you cango for dogs. You could easily make around £8 per dog for an hour walk and you will also be fit. Tailster is a good site to look out to .

  • 18. Rent out you home  for filming

Movie producers need new places to shoot. You can rent your place to a director for TV to producer and make money. It not only good to make few extra bucks but also feels amazing to see your own house on TV. For you to easily find here is the SITE.

  • 20. Freelancing

Freelancers have seen a rise in money streams in recent years. You can use your skills to do some work and can also be added on your CV.

Site we recommend you to find work is freelancing and Upwork,com .

  • 21.Sell clothes on eBay

Ebay is one of the most popular market place. With the availability of the option, that anyone can sell . A sure shot way to turn that sleeveless jacket or pull over into hard cash.

The trick is to buy in Bulk and then sell on eBay.  There are plenty of guides on how to make money from eBAY. We strongly recommend to do your own research before moving forward.

  • 22. Be a Youtube Partner.

You all know about Superwoman, AIB, any many more youtube stars. You can also be a youtube partner and make profit from both creating and uploading videos. Various factor play a vital role on how you will we making money, such as content, Subscribrs and on what topic you make videos.

Pro tip : Go for pranks, game reviews or reaction videos .

  • 23. Do surveys online

Many netizens make tons of money by doing online surveys. This has become quite a trend and promises higher payouts as and when compared to the amount of time you spent.

You can make around $6-10 for doing simple surveys.

Pro Tip: You might b rewarded in alternative sources such as gift coupons etc etc.

Few good site we Recommend to start straight away are Toluna, Vivatic, Onepoll, Mysurvey, Yougov, Mind Mover, iPoll.

  • 24. By betting on matches

This is a two way street and you may swing towards the side, you won’t like.

Many people have made around $100. Legally , tax free and anyone can do it.

There are many betting site available online. Do your own research also before moving further.

  • 25. Download these apps

You can download these apps to make few more bucks

      1. ShopTracker – Answer a few questions and launch the app. You will make around $ 3  right on sign up.
      2. MobileXpression- Install the app and you’ll be eligible to win prizes each week and make up-to $50  plus  a year along with rewards.

These are 25 ways you can apply to make some extra money. Please feel free to share your valuable. If we missed anything please write back to us.

We will update this list from time to time .




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