Promise Day: 3 poems to wish your valentine

Promise Day

Years had gone, and Centuries will pass,
narrating the tale, with a wine and a glass,
there were a girl so sweet and a guy so smart,
they met by chance and kept the bond till they last,
they spent every year together and never complained once,
a young blood questioned who are they and where they are?
“in every mind and soul they resides,
in guys as grooms and in girls as brides”
Promise me you will stood by me when the hard time will arrive,
I won’t sit ideal till the time I make you my wife.

Give me a color to pick the happiness from,
give me a word to show my love from,
give me a symbol to read my fortune from,
give me a promise to hold upon,
that I may leave my home alone,
but I wont ever have to return alone,
give me a hope of right, that nothing is gonna go wrong,
give me a place in your heart so that I can ride along,
give me a kiss so that I can feel those lips,
and let me know, where “i love you ” come from.

From the crude to the fine,
each and every second of time,
from plank to home,
all the days we spent alone,
far from each other,
counting the stars,
playing the guitar,
listening to our favourite song,
that one day some one will come,
who will ride me along,
One thing I promise you,
from the core of my heart to its crust,
That anything may happen but I won’t break your trust…..

promise day 2016
promise day 2016
 happy Promise day, this valentines wish your loved one with some different way. if you are not sure how they will like it try this. Give them a surprise in advance.
Stay insane

Stay Insane

Written by MonsieurG3

Cut a Thread, Chop a Rope,
Make sure ,you never run out of Hope.

Assembled the Insane Fox by Joining its polygons