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Here you Go be AWESTRUCK with the TV SPOTS of  Batman Vs Superman.  As much as i am confused , so is most of the people on which side to choose. on one side there is the devil of the darkness and on the other the ray of light.

The hype for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was at an all time low after the last trailer, mainly due to the clip seemingly spoiling the entire film.

Unfortunately, the two new TV spots released have done little to appease fans worrying about the upcoming DC film.

In one, we see Batman crash into Superman, his car spinning off into flames, before Ben Affleck delivers the line “Tell me, do you bleed?”

Some fans believe this new TV spot looks incredible, with Affleck doing a superb Batman. However, others have noted that his suit at the end of the clip looks like a Halloween costume.

The second TV spot features Jesse Eisenberg’s grating Lex Luther breaking up a conversation between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne.

Director Zack Snyder has already had to defend this version of Luther – who in the comic books is both bald, huge in stature and not some sort of silicon valley tech-geek – saying there is much more to his character than seen in the trailers.

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