Android Auto: Explore


The future of in-dash technology hits the road with the arrival of Android Auto.Your android phone has to be connected via USB. To use Android Auto, you’ll need two things: an Android smartphone and a car that runs the Android Auto software. (Sorry, iPhone fans — you’ll have to wait for roadsters that support Apple Car Play later this year and in 2016.).

aa3Media and number of application already installed for media like google play music,i Heart Radio and Pocket Cast.Let drivers listen to and control content in your music and other audio apps. Calls are very easy to get through, any recent calls will be at the top and other calls will be below it. It gives easy access through its menu having cards like voicemail, dial a number, call history, missed calls and with google maps it much convenient to go wherever you want just by tapping on the screen or using voice actions to go to your favorite places.. It uses car’s GPS so its quite more responsive and accurate then cell phones.

android-auto-1195x797Google now is much better using Android Auto you can text people by voice, Since it is totally reliable on internet connectivity there is quite a frustration when it comes to poor networks.

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Written by VJ Panwar

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