Anonymous Declare War On ISIS Through Cyber Attacks

After Terrorist attacks in Paris, Activist hacker group Anonymous declare war on ISIS. Anonymous released a video saying these attacks won’t go unpunished which killed around 129 people. These attacks will be done through launching Cyber attacks and will be their biggest operation ever. Anonymous posted a video to youtube on Saturday. In the video, a person wearing a Guy Fawkes¬† mask, said that the group intends to hunt down the members of ISIS.

Actually, Anonymous is an international organization of professional hackers who uses cyber attacks as form of activism. They first gained attention in 2008 for organizing online attack on Scientology. Even CIA’s website was briefly shut down. Anonymous claimed responsibility for many cyber attacks¬† including those against bi g corporation like Sony, PayPal and Visa. And also responsible for shut down of 25000 Twitter account that were spreading ISIS propaganda.

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