Are You Alive? – Vector illustration freebie

A question for all the young generation

Are you Alive?alive_waallpaper_final

We have already seen enough, don’t you think that this racism,women abuse, 
and all the filthy crimes  that are taking place in our society have done enough 
damage for the upcoming generations to live on ?

Alive is a state of mind where we fear from death

Are you alive ? are you seeing this struggle? 
When will you stop it ?
 we talk about how the community should be improved but in reality we don’t want to be the one who takes a step to cease all these worse things. are we really alive? seeing these crimes spreading around the society we should be dead by the time we realize that its too late.
i design Creatives and wallpapers because design is such a language which can communicate with all the caste , community and creed.
This Design is all vector design

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Stay Insane

Written by MonsieurG3

Cut a Thread, Chop a Rope,
Make sure ,you never run out of Hope.

Assembled the Insane Fox by Joining its polygons