• Illegal things

    10 illegal Things that are probably most common

    Did you know that every single day, we perform many illegal things without knowing it, you could potentially be committing a crime? Common but illegal : Torrenting   Although like many things on this list, torrenting itself isn’t illegal, most of the things torrented on the web make it that way.But it is totally illegal […]

  • A Vodafone logo

    Vodafone to pay taxes or face asset seizures

    The I-T department has issued Vodafone a reminder over its Rs 14,200-crore tax demand and threatened to seize assets in the case of non-payment, a move the UK firm said shows disconnect with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s promise of a tax-friendly environment. The department on February 4 sent a notice to Vodafone International Holdings BV […]

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  • Make in India

    Make in India week: PM Modi opens center in Mumbai

    PM Modi has inaugurated the Make in India center at the Bandra Kurla complex in Mumbai. It’s week long series of events to showcase India as preferred manufacturing destination.   The ‘Make in India’ Week, touted as the largest business expo hosted by the country. PM Modi at inauguration of the Bombay Art Society said, […]

  • darkest parts of the universe.

    Gravitational waves discovery might allow you to travel back in time

    The detection of gravitational waves could allow scientists to travel back in time. Scientists say that it’s the biggest of the century. In an announcement on Thursday said that they have finally detected gravitational waves. The ripples in the fabric of space-time, first predicted by Albert Einstein 100 years ago, have been detected by scientists […]

  • UAE-India investments

    UAE prince’s visit to India : Focus on aviation and energy deals

    Crown prince of Abu Dhabi,UAE and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, arrived in India yesterday for his first official visit to the country for finalizing investment deals. The Crown prince was accompanied by three brothers- one of them is Interior minister of UAE- and seven ministers. A separate 100-member […]

  • South China Sea dispute

    South China Sea dispute: US and India’s joint patrols

    The joint naval patrol decision of US and India includes the disputed South China Sea, which would make Beijing angry as they claims most of the waterway. Washington, US wants its regionl allies and other Asian nations to make a more stance against China over South China Sea, where tension have spiked in the wake […]

  • David Headley: 26/11 attacks

    Failed twice before 26/11 attacks : David Headley

    26/11 scout David Coleman Headley, terrorist-turned-approver, on Tuesday disclosed that 10 terrorists who attacked Mumbai on November 26, 2008 had attempted the strike earlier on two occasions, but failed to execute it. About the first attempt he added that they failed it as the terrorists lost all the arms and ammunition at sea as the […]

  • net neutrality : no discrmination on data

    Net Neutrality: Trai rejects differential pricing on data

    Telecom regulator TRAI was all set to reject differential pricing for data services from last couple of months. And on Monday TRAI prohibited discriminatory tariffs for data services on the basis of content.   This big step will affect the Facebook’s known ‘Free Basics’ platform and Airtel’s zero-rated platform ‘Airtel Zero’. Prohibition of Discriminatory Tariffs […]

  • Facebook Chief executive

    Facebook ‘N’ Internet to connect world

    Facebook has emerged as a widely used social networking website that had a great history to overcome all the other and is still standing high in all the other upcoming ones in competition. Currently, Internet seems to have 3 billion people connected to it and having the access to it, but 3 billion more are […]

  • Tony Blair apologize for Iraq war

    Tony Blair has apologized for the Iraq war. He conceded the links between the Islamic State and Iraq war. He made the statement that there were “elements of truth” to claims the Iraq war caused the rise of Islamic State. The ex-PM said “the situation in Iraq today is resulted by those of us who […]