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    Android N: What’s New

      Android N may be months away from its release but Google launched its developer preview months ahead as anticipated. Developer preview version will show how the Android N is going to look with new features. Developer preview often comes up with some features that are not going to be the part of final version […]

  • Emergency Security Update Coming To Nexus Devices

    Keeping up with the promise of monthly security update in Nexus Devices but still it can’t protect your device completely. Google has announced they are releasing a mid-month security patch due to the discovery of an exploit that could bring harm to some devices like Nexus 5 and 6. The issue arose after Google found […]

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  • Sony Ericsson Get Marshmallow Support

      Old but gold, Sony or rather Sony Ericsson was focused on bringing affordable smartphones. In 2011, Sony released about a dozen mid-range devices that are still quite popular. If you got one of these devices, There is really a exciting news for you – prepare for some marshmallows, as CyanogenMod 13.0 is up and […]

  • Greenland Struggle For Independence

    In January 2016, Greenland announced that it wouldn’t opt the World Climate Summit deal, which is the global agreement to lower greenhouse emissions. According to them, it would cost hundreds of millions of dollar to Greenland and further delay their chance of getting independence from Denmark. There Struggle for power starts back in 1721 when […]

  • Grammy’s 2016

    The biggest music awards Grammy’s held yesterday in Los Angeles, California. It was the 58th year of Grammy award. Taylor Swift’s 1989 took the album of the year award at the Staples Center and she was the first woman to win the prize twice. Having opened the show with a version of her hit Out […]

  • World Most Corrupt Countries

    In January 2016, Transparency International released its annual corruption index,and the corruption is based on levels of bribery, illegitimate government spending and lack of anti corruption measures or you can say public sector based corruption worldwide. Few countries remains at the bottom of list. So which countries took those spots. Three most countries in 2015 […]

  • ISIS USed Chemical Weapons in Iraq and Syria

    ISIS Used Chemical Weapons In Iraq And Syria

      John Brennan Director of Central Intelligence Agency claimed that ISIS have used Chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq battle and may have access to many more. “We have a number of instances where ISIS has used chemical munitions on the battlefield,” the CIA chief told CBS. CIA also claimed that the ISIS have the […]

  • Delhi Police Make A Alert Tweet For The JNU Students and Whole Country

      Under the pressure Delhi police today arrested JNU Students’ Union president Kanhaiya Kumar and booked other students for sedition following the orders from the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh where he asked the Delhi Police to take strongest possible action against those who were allegedly involved in anti-India acts in Jawaharlal Nehru University campus […]

  • Facebook investors tweet

    Imperialist Tweet By Facebook Investor on India

    One of the Facebook investor Mark investors imperialist tweet causes an outrage in indian social media. This tweet was basically on the response of  ban by Indian regulators on the “Free Basics Facebook” program. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has ruled against differential data pricing tied to content services from telecom and others effectively […]

  • Airbar make any screen a touch Screen .

    Changing your non-touchable laptops or PC’s into touchable will remove the need of buying new Touchable Laptop. Buying new laptop which can have touch functionality will cut the size of your pocket. That’s where this new device came into picture “Neonode’s AirBar”. It’s a slim module that magnetically attached below the screen of an existing […]