Cut a Thread, Chop a Rope, Make sure ,you never run out of Hope. Assembled the Insane Fox by Joining its polygons

  • Women’s Day 2016

      Women’s Day   She gave you birth, made you sleep rhyming melodious song, She takes care of you and the first word you utter is “MoM”. She made you laugh, giggled you, when you played in sand, She lift you in her arms when you were barely able to stand . She picked you […]

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  • Promise Day: 3 poems to wish your valentine

    Promise Day Years had gone, and Centuries will pass, narrating the tale, with a wine and a glass, there were a girl so sweet and a guy so smart, they met by chance and kept the bond till they last, they spent every year together and never complained once, a young blood questioned who are they […]

  • Wish Propose Day on this valentines

    Propose Day Going far, along a road, Narrow somewhere, little broad, Walking down the street, I pick u up, Hold u, caress you, as you stood up, Chasing the fire flies, As they come and go by our sides, I caught one and whispered in its ear, To take them all and go near, Near to […]

  • 5 Music Festival you should attend before you die

    Ever wondered yo get a break from your busy schedule and forget about the world around you.Music has that power. Here are 5 amazing musical festivals that would make it happen. Tomorrowland   Tomorrowland is a large electronic music festival held in Belgium. It used to be organized as a joint venture by the original founders, […]

  • Top 5 Motion Graphics inspirations of 2014

    Motion Graphics motion graphics also known as mograph at some times, have effected our world in a completely different way. Everything we see everything we watch on tv , in the advertisement and the things that can’t exist are the complex composition of vfx, 3d and motion graphics. It’s always fascinating to stop up and […]

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    Humble The Poet Aka Kanwar Singh

      A Singh with versatile knowledge. Humble the poet, an indo canadian sikh is very popular for his video blog on youtube and his book, Unlearn, which provides 101 ways to inspiration. ABOUT Humble the Poet Aka Kanwar Singh, born on July 12, 1981 in Toronto, Canada. Elementary school teacher and MC/spoken word artist known as Humble The […]