Palvi Sharma

''Insanity is aloof but it's a venture I'm always ready to take up''. Be insane , Be absurd you're yet to be a amateur.

  • Let’s choose a reason to stay.

    Leaving is so hard for me. My heart ache when after spending few laughter with someone you have to leave a place with teary eyes often. I may not be living same moment again with same person when I would visit next time. May be things would have changed at then. We would be little […]

  • When she began to grow old.

        I came back home after a long tiring day in college . I was suppose to take a nap and throw myself on a comfy bed . Sleepy me, always. But I didn’t slept this time. Well I choose to spend an evening with my parents ,especially my mother, like I used to in […]

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  • Tomorrow – not a promise.

      “What are you doing tomorrow ? ”  I asked my Ryan. “I may sleep whole day because it’s been a long while I’d not catchup an ample amount of sleep”. He said . “Okay lazy ass”. I disconnected the call afterwards. And I went to sleep as I was horribly tired. Next morning I wake-up […]

  • Books ,words and a story.

    I have a blur memory when I started reading books. Back in the childhood I used to run behind my library teacher asking her about updates of story books in library.There were story books like tanliraman , panchtantra, goosebumps.Children used to have very few sources to get a book to read unlike today there are […]

  • Weak -it’s what you are defined with?

    When I was sick , lying on the hospital bed like a corpse. My body was not responding much but my brain was on it’s continuous job of thinking.I was having most bizarre ,weird thoughts all the time what if I just close my eyes for a while to take a nap and I just […]

  • goodbye


    Goodbye, chao, adieu, adios, saionara different words , different languages but same meaning and inexplicable whirlpool of emotions. Nonetheless ,in which situation you’re actually caught up in. You always bid an adieu with a smile on your face. I’ve never seen a good in it. A goodbye always comes up with a flashback of memories […]

  • fears


    ”If you’ve had nothing to loose with you, you shouldn’t be scared about loosing what you have”. Fears , ain’t just a word haunts you well it do. They are the most common yet an inevitable emotion prevailing in human being. No one is brave and bold enough that nothing scares him/her. Everyone deals with […]