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When you combine ignorance and leverage, you get some pretty interesting results..

  • Let’s cook meat with a Thermometer .

        Sounds Strange…? But true. The premier app-enablement company and creator of the original iGrill® announced the release of their Smart kitchen innovation A thermometer that cooks meat, the iGrill Bluetooth meat thermometer. . A meat thermometer that sends a temperature reading to your phone so you know exactly when your meat is done […]

  • Panasonic’s Magic Mirror

    “Mirror Mirror on the wall”…What if a Mirror can change or adjust your looks with just a command?? Well yes, Panasonic has made it possible by its cool and interactive “Future Mirror or Magic Mirror “. The magic mirror has embedded cameras which projects your image on top of your reflection. It can remarkably enhance […]

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  • Google Beacon

    Imagine going to a bus stop and knowing exactly when the bus is going to arrive or to know what items are available in the super market without even entering the store. That’s what google beacon is all about. Google beacons are those small objects of various shapes called the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon […]

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    HOLUS : The Holographic Pyramid Projector

    Ever dreamed of having high tech lab gadgets like that of tony stark (cast Robert John Downey, Jr.) in iron man or that of Dexter’s lab? … Well not all but one of the tech resembling them has arrived in the real world. Hologram projector called Holus, Developed by Vancouver based h++ technology. User using smart […]

  • Android Auto: Explore

    The future of in-dash technology hits the road with the arrival of Android Auto.Your android phone has to be connected via USB. To use Android Auto, you’ll need two things: an Android smartphone and a car that runs the Android Auto software. (Sorry, iPhone fans — you’ll have to wait for roadsters that support Apple Car […]