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I’ve been playing Batman Arkham Knight since Saturday and have to say I’m rather underwhelmed. It started off well enough but the writing is weak and as for the Batmobile… it should’ve been a real highlight but unfortunately it’s continually enforced on you, and the tank mode is rather lame. And whatever you do don’t play the game on normal difficulty, I had to start again as it’s far too easy, Batman is more like Superman!

Before this turns into a rant I’ll leave it there, I’m sure it will all come out in GC’s review (6 or 7/10 is my guess).


A mini review: Arkham Knight Is frikkin’ awesome!
big boy bent (gamertag)

I’ve been reading GC (and it’s predecessors) since I was about 13. I’m now 28. That means I’ve been reading since right around the time that the original Shenmue came out. Although I don’t remember reading that review. Or the review for Shenmue II. I never had a Dreamcast, so I didn’t get to play either of them. When I think of the series, I think of only one thing: the Inbox, which has endured for so long, and the people who have asked for a third game.

I’ve seen so many people begging, pleading for that game down the years… And GC has always reported on the rumours, however unlikely they seemed. I dread to think how many minutes of my life I’ve wasted in reading other people begging for a game I’ve never had any connection to.

And yet, when I woke up and read your E3 coverage, I actually punched the air in delight. For all the dozens and dozens of people who wanted it so much. And now it’s finally going to happen. In defiance of all financial and common sense. It still seems unlikely that it will actually happen, even now. Although since it’s on Kickstarter that means they have taken money from people, so now they have to deliver, right?

So for all those people down the years who wrote in, congratulations. I hope the third game is all you hope it will be.
Marc Li

I’m not sure if GC heard whilst you were away, but the special edition fiasco with Batman: Arkham Knight is ridiculous. It began with the Batmobile edition and now the Batman statue edition has been delayed, both due to quality issues. I would have assumed that Warner Bros. would have received samples of these items over a week before release but that appears not to be the case.

I haven’t pre-ordered one of these editions but I know a few people who have and feel sorry for them and their predicament, even with the compensation on offer. I don’t blame Rocksteady at all who must be annoyed with Warner Bros. about not only this but the season pass controversy too. Warner Bros. are quickly tainting their own reputation amongst gamers.

On a separate and lighter note, I cannot wait for Batman. With GC being away last week I wondered when we could expect your review? Thanks for the excellent E3 coverage.
Truk_Kurt (PSN ID)/Angry_Kurt (Twitter)

GC: Thanks! We did hear about the special edition problems, but there doesn’t seem to be anything that can be done. We’re hoping to have an Arkham Knight review by Wednesday, although that will depend on exactly how long it turns out to be.

Bosley thinks it would be unreasonable to expect more from the Wii U at this stage and that Nintendo had a sensible E3?

The Wii U has sold badly because there wasn’t enough effort from first or third parties. Where’s the evidence from E3 that Nintendo have learned their lesson? Instead, they risk validating the biggest concerns of potential and existing owners, for both their current and future ‘efforts’.

On the other hand, there was an appropriately prompt reaction on Nintendo’s part when the 3DS was failing and that reaction clearly paid off, with a stream of great games and gradually recovering sales. But I suppose those of us expecting something similar this time were being unreasonable?

I’d suggest that, if nobody is buying your console, it’s more sensible for you to change your methods and expectations rather than expect millions of turned off consumers to do so. Nintendo’s E3 didn’t suggest at all that they thought they were going about things the wrong way so I’ve no reason to believe the NX will be any different from the Wii U.

So if turning lifetime fans off their next product is what they’re aiming for, then yeah, I suppose it’d be unreasonable to expect anything different from them at E3.


I first knew we were in for a crazy ride when Rocksteady upgraded their PC prerequisites today just hours before the arrival of Batman: Arkham Knight. Included in their modification was this notice: “there are some known issues with the execution of Batman: Arkham Knight for PC proprietors utilizing AMD design cards.”

Here we go once more.

That announcement brought a warning up in my mind, as it was shockingly reminiscent of the issues that AMD Radeon clients were at first confronted with in both Project Cars and The Witcher 3. Some unequivocally suspected unfairness concerning those titles and their execution of Nvidia’s NVDA -0.46% GameWorks tech. In any case which side of that contention you fell on, right on time testing of Rocksteady’s Arkham Knight on PC appears to demonstrate that the amusement is presently a wreck for both Nvidia and AMD clients.


Gracious, and there’s a 30fps lock, which is deactivated for the implicit benchmark. Yes, 24 hours after I reported that it would be over the top for Fallout 4 to ship in that state. It’s editable in an INI record, however we live in 2015 now, correct? Why might you constrain this on your less actually smart clients? Why might you drive it on anybody?

Back to the current matter: Early reports from the Steam Community are littered with protestations about faltering, awful enhancement, accidents, and a mixture of different issues. A few gamers are grumbling about memory breaks and a framerate well beneath 30fps even with GameWorks alternatives killed, 1080p determination, and segments that surpass Rocksteady’s suggested necessities. I’ve seen numerous clients guaranteeing they can’t keep up 60fps (subsequent to opening the framerate) at 1080p with leader cards like Nvidia’s $999 Titan X or the as of late discharged 980 Ti.

Another issue highlighted by clients on NeoGaf: Nvidia’s “Diversion Ready” 353.30 driver for Batman: Arkham Knight appears to repudiate its own title inside of its discharge notes, since its terrible news for clients with various Nvidia cards in SLI:

[SLI, Batman: Arkham Knights] Heavy glinting happens in diversion after Alt+Tab if SLI is empowered. [200116723]

[SLI, Batman: Arkham Knights] Severe stammering seen, particularly in indoor scenes, when the diversion is running at 4K determination and NVIDIA Gameworks settings are turned on. [200116722]

[SLI, Batman: Arkham Knights] Random glinting happens in the diversion if SLI is empowered. [200116717]

[GM206, SLI, Batman: Arkham Knights] Stuttering happens and execution drops after shadow quality settings are flipped. [200116694]

[GK180, SLI, Batman: Arkham Knights] When SLI is empowered, an accident focuses to ntdll.dll not long after the diversion is left. [200116717]

Maybe SLI bolster ought to have been pulled until it was prepared? For Nvidia’s most no-nonsense clients (e.g. the ones purchasing different feature cards), this must be frustrating. In any case, at any rate the exertion was made to execute bolster on Day 1. The most recent AMD Radeon driver, discharged prior today, doesn’t have Crossfire backing empowered.

NeoGaf has a string given to PC execution investigation, and its really dampening in this way. The accord there is that the amusement is failing to meet expectations, however there’s no decision with reference to why. Some Radeon clients reports the diversion dropping to single digit casing rates, for instance. Nvidia clients report stammering, sporadic casing rates, and suspect that smoke impacts are disabling the execution. I’ve even seen features of Batman skimming where the framerate arrives at a complete stop (actually 0fps) for an entire second.

The amusement is controlled by the staggeringly develop Unreal Engine, which scales exceptionally well over an extensive variety of equipment. This fair indicates yet another ineffectively enhanced support to PC port, as I would see it. I assume there’s an outside risk that none of these early gamers are utilizing the most recent drivers. An outside chance…

These trashy PC ports need to stop, or if nothing else be qualified and tried all the more altogether before discharge. I’m not relegating fault here, but rather there’s without a doubt bounty to go around.

Shockingly I’m stuck on the West Coast and will need to hold up a few more hours until I can test Arkham Knight direct. Be that as it may, there was such an attack of grumblings from disappointed devotees on Twitter TWTR -0.86%, that giving an account of this felt like the proper thing to do just in the event that you haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

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