Be Happy Darling – Dedicating Love Poetry

Don’t Worry – Be Happy

What’s it that’s on your mind?

A lengthy piece of work,

Or is it the sound , m making with knife and a fork?

You were never so calm, never so pale,

Tried to read your mind thousands of time,

Shit! Every time I fail.

Come on, say it.

What’s your thought?

i am feeling like a fish, just been caught.

You know, I adore your smile, when you are happy,

Don’t think I will leave the field,

if you went sad, all of sudden,

Share the thing with me, and ease off that burden.

Trust me once, I will protect you with cherished and unbreakable shield


Did you ever tried to read her/his mind? But can’t make out whats going on inside there?

But all you need is to see him/her happy, besides any sadness. then dedicate this poem to him/her and let them know that how much they means to you and how much you love Him/Her.

This In sane Fox’s Passion is all about spreading love to the every round and corner of the world. We just guide him.


Stay Insane

Written by MonsieurG3

Cut a Thread, Chop a Rope,
Make sure ,you never run out of Hope.

Assembled the Insane Fox by Joining its polygons