Benefits of Yogalates

Yogalates – a cross between yoga and pilates, has hit the fitness scene.

yoga and pilates as two different entities to give you an indepth perspective. “Yoga works on the union of Body, Breath and Mind. Pilates is a technique that works on core strengthening and toning.”Which brings us to what is yogalates? “If we combine these two, we get YogaLates This is a great combination to give us a healthy body and a stress free mind,”

Health benefits of yogalates- We all know  the benefits of yoga – physically and mentally and also the benefits of pilates – strengthens your body, improves breathing,and burns calories.”Yogalates is very effective for weight-loss, toning, back problems and spine related problems, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes and menstrual problems. It help’s improves flexibility and strength the body.”

What makes up yogalates?

There are few things that make up any exercises. “There are no number of poses that make up yogalates. Most of the yogalates exercises focus on the core abdominal muscles while working on other parts of the body at the same time.”

What is the difference between yoga and yogalates?

This is on everyone’s mind, how is yoga and yogalates are different from each other. “Yoga asanas involve getting into a position and observing your breath while holding the position, which makes it static.

But there is a twist with yogalates.”Yogalates is more dynamic, it involves getting into a pose and then performing toning exercises while holding the pose. For example: If you get into Naukasan, with your head, hands and feet off the floor in a lying down (on the back) position, you then move your hands and legs crisscross like a scissor. This works on thighs and abdominal muscles and strengthens the spine.”

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