Blue Origins to launch spaceship before 2020

Adding to the commercial space program, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owned company Blue Origins had announced plans to build rockets for commercial space travel.

In the announcement, Blue Origins also specified that rockets for spaceship are reusable and can be used again and again. Working on the experimental spacecraft, called New Shepherd that can be saved for numerous times.

According Bezos, People who want to explore the space won’t have to long and can travel to space at the end of this decade. Launch complex 6 will be used by Blue origin for the launch of their rockets which is situated on Canaveral,Florida. This was used by NASA and united States Air Force before 2005 and remained silent till then. Blue origin also going to set up new  production facility near Kennedy space center at exploration park in Florida which will provide reusable rockets for the space flight. Companies new engine BE-4 will also produced at this new facility.


Company already test flight For Shepherd but not succeed After. The Wall Street Journal reported on the failure, Blue Origin Friday posted a brief note on its website stating the spacecraft, while going faster than the speed of sound, suffered a “flight instability” at an altitude of 45,000 feet and the company’s automated “range safety system” shut off all thrust and led to its destruction. The problem appeared to stem from thrusters that didn’t respond properly to the initial commands, according to one industry official.

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