Books ,words and a story.

I have a blur memory when I started reading books. Back in the childhood I used to run behind my library teacher asking her about updates of story books in library.There were story books like tanliraman , panchtantra, goosebumps.Children used to have very few sources to get a book to read unlike today there are an ample of sources available.There were mills and boon flooded with romance and heart break.

But then I grow up and entered to my teen days . It was” pink and black ” by Tisha Khosla I read in 11th class. It was one of the best book for me at then and even the very first one. I find every book best if book has touched my soul. Well,I’ve an impeccable reason for letting grow fondness towards books inside me. I was a new girl in my class. No one was up to taking me as a friend .I’d not any friend for a year and I can’t just be alone for terrible six hours. So I made a new friend i.e. Books.

Later on as time passes by my classmates started noticing me always engrossed in the books. I was a science student and it wasn’t less than a sin to be a reader for them.They were astounded to see my dedication towards reading rather than finding molarity,modality and normality of an element in which they were stuck in. I can’t blame them they were yet to be introduced to this magnificent world. My friends (after a year I can call them as friends now) used to ask me how I’m managing with books and studies ? Believe me it was never hard for me to manage I used to read only in school hours and study at home. I was known as “The novel nerd” in my class. I still laugh  how my library teacher knows me by name where as subject teacher barely know If I even exist in the school.

My interest shifted to fiction by the time and I read “Two states” by Chetan Bhagat that too an ebook in the summer vacation of the 12th standard. I couldn’t over came by half finished book and I read “Three mistakes of my life”. After reading the series of book I find myself immersed in my thoughts. I used to scribble on back pages of the notebooks in middle of the lectures. I was sure I wanted to be an architect at then . Somehow couldn’t make up to because I was destined to be somewhere else.

Today as I have grown up to an adult . I can say with my own experiences books are the only best friend a person can keep for a lifetime. No matter in which situation you are in you can always rely upon them to hold you may not be physically but mentally. People are like season they come ,blossoms and go but books always stays with you. Books not only help you being by your side also helps you to grow . They nurture your thoughts. And may be if you are also lucky enough to be pushed to write.Someday you may read your own book interacting with your grandchildren. Unlike my friends I’m not doing anything productive now days .I’m just confined within my room and I just read or write. When and what I write if brings a smile on someone gloomy face that’s enough to be asked for.This is my life If I’m finding my peace then it has nothing to do with “log Kya khaenge?”. We as human tend to think more about people whom we barely know . We live on an assumption log Kya khanege? There were not these people around you in your bad time.Just drop these lame thoughts.

Not everyone is born to be an engineer who find his peace in technology and machines. Not everyone wishes to diagnose  a disease some wants to be a millionaire. Not everyone wants to feed intelligence by teaching some wants to excel the world with their intelligence by entrepreneurship. For that you need to believe on your heart and just follow it blindly. And live the life you always dream off.Because few are lucky enough to live the life they wished to live.

Stay Insane

Written by Palvi Sharma

''Insanity is aloof but it's a venture I'm always ready to take up''.
Be insane , Be absurd you're yet to be a amateur.