How to create a bootable USB for windows 8 or 8.1 with command prompt.

To create a boot-able  usb flash drive manually. All you need is window 8 iso file and a usb flash drive(8 GB or max) we are going to use the command prompt . to do this please  follow these steps :-

 1. Plug in your usb flash drive in any port in your laptop or computer.

2. First go to start or in search-navigation (in windows 8 or 8.1) and type ‘cmd’ and right click. And click on ‘run as administrator ‘ ,command prompt will be opened.


3.Now type “diskpart” . wait for DISKPART program to be run.

1 type “list disk” .it will show you the active disks as disk 0 ,disk 1..identify your usb drive according to memory size given (mine 14GB with listed ‘disk 1’).

2 “select disk 1” and hit enter. (disk ‘1’ may vary according to your listed number.)

-> now type “clean” and hit enter (WARNING:- it will erase all data in the usb ).

->type “create partition primary” and hit enter .

  • Type “select partition 1” and hit enter.
  • Type “active” and hit enter.
  • Type “format fs=fat32 quick” and hit enter (you can also use NTFS in the place of FAT32 but. NTFS is not supported by some platform so I recommend FAT32).
  • Type “assign” and hit enter (it will a letter for usb drive ).
  • Now type “exit” and hit enter (it will close the DISKPART program ).
  • Now Close cmd.


3 your folder or drive where your ‘windows 8 or 8.1 iso’ file locate. And right click on it and click on “extract files” . (I am using ‘winrar’ for extracting files from iso. You can also copy normally all windows file by opening the .iso file with any iso or image viewer).

-> after clicking on extract files. Find your usb flash drive ,select it and press “ok” will extaxt all the files in your USB drive. Wait for completion !


—that’s it— your USB flash is bootable with windows .

—restart your pc and select boot manager by pressing F12 or F11 (selection may vary according to your pc)  . then select ‘USB flash drive’ option. and go ahead with your Installation process. good luck!

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