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Brothers is loud, over-the-top and an exhausting watch,

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Brothers Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez, Jackie Shroff.
Brothers Director: Karan Malhotra .
Brothers Rating: 2.5/5 .

How does an ordinary citizen in India comprehend MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)? It’s something that permits you to toss punches like a road warrior without getting captured. All things considered, this is the thing that the two insane reporters of R2F (Right To Fight) continue rehashing for the greater part of the second half in executive Karan Malhotra’s Brothers featuring Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra – authority revamp of 2011 Hollywood film Warrior.

Brothers Cast by their Roles :

There is much randomness.

Jacqueline Fernandes plays Kumar’s long-sobbing wife who gets so deliriously happy on seeing a text message that it may well have contained news about a Kick sequel.

Kiran Kumar plays an evil MMA promoter who smokes so many cheroots his name could have been Disclaimer Braganza — obviously he’s Catholic too. (Also, he builds up hype for months and months only to end up with a two-night tournament. Tsk. Whatever would N Srinivasan say?)

Ashutosh Rana, who doesn’t seem to have aged at all in the last two decades, plays a sometimes slimy, sometimes loyal manager.

Shefali Shah shows up and makes sure her nostrils flare up more than Kumar’s thigh muscles. And, in a vulgar and ill-choreographed song sequence, an A-lister shakes her caboose so desperately it feels like she wants to be renamed Kareena Kapoor Kardashian Khan.

Akshay Kumar looks believably fit, both during his training montage and his fights — the first of which he wins with a brutal finisher that led my friend to exclaim that Kumar “broke his arm with his balls,” which is symbolism at its most testicular. Bravo.

But that’s all this film has, a ball-busting Kumar and one particular fight that ends with delightful abruptness. Everything else is exhausting.

Most of us in India first heard of MMA in the 1990s when Monica from Friends was dating a billionaire who wanted to be a UFC champion. Now, all I’ve seen of the octagonal fighting championships is the superheroic Ronda Rousey, an undefeated megastar who finishes off opponents in something like 16 seconds.

Weighing 158 unbearable minutes, Brothers is nearly 600-times as long as the Rousey win — and not one-millionth as thrilling.’

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