Can Any Country Own The Other Planetary Bodies ?


The movies like Martian keep the excitement of the humans up to travel to the other planets. Th idea of human  travel to space had been popular since the first satellite was launch in 1957 and movies also get interest engaged. Different private space companies says humans will travel to space in a decade. But question arises that which country will own the planet !

Can Any Country Own The Other Planetary Bodies
Can Any Country Own The Other Planetary Bodies

As, in history new land was claimed by the powerful country which led the first foot. In Moon, America first landed the foot from the astronaut Neil Armstrong but it doesn’t mean that America will own the moon. Two years back from first human carried space shuttle was launched, a treaty was signed between three countries America, Soviet Union and UK which created the foundation of International Space Law. This treaty bans the testing of nuclear missile in the space and most importantly means the outer space is the Province of all mankind and signed by 102 countries. This treaty prohibits any country to the owing of the celestial body calling it common heritage for all mankind. It also mean that any human object launched into a planet can be owned example hotel in the moon can be the property of the person whoever owned that.

As the traveling to the space becomes commercialize, question will arise who own what. In 2014, a company applied for commercial license to mine natural resources. Isn’t it looks Insane but  it is true. But it is still a future and laws which will amendment have many difficulty to be accepted by all the countries.

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