Category: Literature

  • Women’s Day 2016

      Women’s Day   She gave you birth, made you sleep rhyming melodious song, She takes care of you and the first word you utter is “MoM”. She made you laugh, giggled you, when you played in sand, She lift you in her arms when you were barely able to stand . She picked you […]

  • Books ,words and a story.

    I have a blur memory when I started reading books. Back in the childhood I used to run behind my library teacher asking her about updates of story books in library.There were story books like tanliraman , panchtantra, goosebumps.Children used to have very few sources to get a book to read unlike today there are […]

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  • Wish Propose Day on this valentines

    Propose Day Going far, along a road, Narrow somewhere, little broad, Walking down the street, I pick u up, Hold u, caress you, as you stood up, Chasing the fire flies, As they come and go by our sides, I caught¬†one and whispered in its ear, To take them all and go near, Near to […]

  • Weak -it’s what you are defined with?

    When I was sick , lying on the hospital bed like a corpse. My body was not responding much but my brain was on it’s continuous job of thinking.I was having most bizarre ,weird thoughts all the time what if I just close my eyes for a while to take a nap and I just […]