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  • All you should know about the NIT Srinagar .

    Before we Share the whole Story ,here’s a video of clashes Students raising pro Indian Slogans .   Students and outsiders raising pro- Pakistan slogans .   It all started on the night of India vs West Indies match when local kashmiri students came out of their hostel rooms to celebrate India’s defeat. The group […]

  • boko haram

    Boko Haram, Deadlier Than ISIS. Why Don’t We Care?

    In February 2016 two female suicide bombers from the terrorist group Boko Haram killed 58 people at a camp in northern Nigeria. The victims were among the more than 50,000 people seeking refuge from the terrorist organization.Which was recently named the deadliest in the world by the global terrorism Index. On average Boko Haram attacks […]

  • Greenland Struggle For Independence

    In January 2016, Greenland announced that it wouldn’t opt the World Climate Summit deal, which is the global agreement to lower greenhouse emissions. According to them, it would cost hundreds of millions of dollar to Greenland and further delay their chance of getting independence from Denmark. There Struggle for power starts back in 1721 when […]

  • Apple development center in Hyderabad

    Apple development center in Hyderabad

    Well-known company in the technical market Apple is now planning to open its development center in India. It’s not the first time Apple is going to open development centers outside of US, they are also having these centers across some other countries like Italy. According to a news report, this company is moving for opening a […]

  • A Vodafone logo

    Vodafone to pay taxes or face asset seizures

    The I-T department has issued Vodafone a reminder over its Rs 14,200-crore tax demand and threatened to seize assets in the case of non-payment, a move the UK firm said shows disconnect with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s promise of a tax-friendly environment. The department on February 4 sent a notice to Vodafone International Holdings BV […]

  • JNU Protest. All you should know about.

    Afzal protest in JNU

    Protest at Jawaharlal Nehru university, New Delhi made everybody think what is the extend of freedom in India when anti national slogans were raised in the university, though what happened was wrong but raising anti national slogans doesn’t seems right to anyone. The students who made a move to protest against the country were annoyed […]

  • World Most Corrupt Countries

    In January 2016, Transparency International released its annual corruption index,and the corruption is based on levels of bribery, illegitimate government spending and lack of anti corruption measures or you can say public sector based corruption worldwide. Few countries remains at the bottom of list. So which countries took those spots. Three most countries in 2015 […]

  • ISIS USed Chemical Weapons in Iraq and Syria

    ISIS Used Chemical Weapons In Iraq And Syria

      John Brennan Director of Central Intelligence Agency claimed that ISIS have used Chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq battle and may have access to many more. “We have a number of instances where ISIS has used chemical munitions on the battlefield,” the CIA chief told CBS. CIA also claimed that the ISIS have the […]