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  • global cooling or global warming

    Global Cooling Or Global Warming

    Since 21st century Global warming become a household term and can found on everywhere on T.V, newspapers and in movies also. Global warming is the increase in earth’s atmosphere and ocean temperatures and it is done because of burning of fossil fuels and increased emission of green house gases like CO2. This event causes melts […]

  • Can Any Country Own The Other Planetary Bodies ?

      The movies like Martian keep the excitement of the humans up to travel to the other planets. Th idea of human  travel to space had been popular since the first satellite was launch in 1957 and movies also get interest engaged. Different private space companies says humans will travel to space in a decade. […]

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  • Antarctic Ice Sheet

    Antarctic Ice Sheet . Is Global Warming Over ?

    For Decades scientist have been telling the world about the Melting Antarctic Ice Sheet .But in recent studies NASA found that the density of the ice sheet is actually increasing . A new NASA study found that Antarctica has been adding more ice than it’s been losing, challenging other research, including that of the UN’s  very […]

  • Blue Origins to launch spaceship before 2020

    Adding to the commercial space program, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owned company Blue Origins had announced plans to build rockets for commercial space travel. In the announcement, Blue Origins also specified that rockets for spaceship are reusable and can be used again and again. Working on the experimental spacecraft, called New Shepherd that can be […]

  • ISRO successfully launches GSLV D6

    Indian space research organization launches today launches GSLV D6. With its five development flights, this is the third time indigenously developed cryogenic engine is carried onboard during GSLV flights. GSAT-6 satellite is launched in this flight from Satish dawan space center. This is the second consecutive flight of indigenously engine with the capability of launching […]

  • isro launches us satellites

    ISRO to launch 9 satellites of US

    First Asian space agency to reach mars, Indian space research agency now gets a chance to launch satellites of united States of America for the first time in the history of ISRO. Reaching mars at its first attempt and at such a low cost which attracts the international clients. and now  ISRO to launch 9 satellites […]

  • Closest Pluto Images Yet Reveal Icy Mountains

    NASA has released the first ever close-up image of Pluto revealing a range of mountains rising as high as 11,000ft (3.5km) above its icy surface. The space agency estimates the mountains are less than 100 million years old, which makes them “mere youngsters” when compared with the age of the solar system. The close-up image […]