Delhi Government Law Minister J. S. Tomar arrested

In the serious issues and conflicts between the Center and the AAP government, Delhi Law Minnister Jitender Singh Tomar was arrested over his alleged fake law degree on Tuesday.
The law degree which he claims to be from a University in Bihar is alleged as fake by the rivals. He was arrested from his house and took him to the vasant Vihar Police station for questioning. A team has has also been sent to Bihar for the investigation of the charges.

Jitender Singh Tomar ,law minister , delhi government
Delhi government Law minister Jitender Singh Tomar

Manish Sisodia, government official:

AAP Party accused police for slapping Tomar while taking him into custody. Police slapped him and also come to know that he was also forced to sign an some blank papers. Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief minister take this as ganging situation against the APP government due to its anti-corruption campaign.
Sisodia added that this is illegal. There is an Emergency-like situation. It seems to be an attempt to a teach to APP government.

On the other hand congress wants Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to resign along with the Delhi Law Minister Jitender Singh Tomar. Congress directly or indirectly wants to target the APP government over the complete issue and as the result want to show the failure of the APP government in Delhi.
Police arrested Tomar immediately because he can tamper the evidence and can influence persons who can be crucial prosecution witnesses on this case.
Dellhi police seeks five days custody of Tomar to interrogate on various aspects. Tomar will be taken to the Universities in Bhaglapur and Faizabad by the police to investigate on his fake BSC and LLB degree.
In the recent time, the APP and the center is getting to much conflict over which APP claims to lack powers even after being in Delhi to do development. Over which there is always a hurdle generated by the Center in their path. This time congress also gets into play by leaving no stone unturn to critise APP government.
It seems to be a farcical exercise. Court also asked police the reasons for the urgency to arrest him if the arrest notice was served today only. In all this case police seema to be baised over the other end to the APP government.

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