Electrical charging Road: Road that will charge vehicle

Electrical charging Road to charge vehicles

Electric charged vehicles is a very new innovative concept in the Auto industry, and Electrical Charging Road is the solution . Cars which uses gases produces a lot carbon or harmful gases into the atmosphere. In environment point of view, this concept has been introduced in the tech world. Age of electric car is more than the normal car, and also the maintenance of a normal vehicle is also very expensive in case of a common man. But electric car has solved this problem. It has a lot of good feature in it:-

  • No Gas
  • Low Maintenance
  • Reduced pollution
  • Safe

Recently we all have heard about the concept of recycled plastic roads introduced by the Holland government, now UK has introduced a very eye catching concept for the evolution of electrical charged vehicles.

What was the problem Electric Charged Vehicles ?

The main disadvantage of Electric charged vehicles is that we have to find a charging point after sometime to carry on with the whole journey. Also the electricity is not for free usage. It takes very long time to charge a vehicle at one time. If we are going for a long journey, and we are unable to find any charging point, we will have to face so many difficulties.

The solution is Electrical charging Road :

Electrical charging Road
Electrical charging Road

UK government’s idea is to make develop an extra lane on roads with some needed facilities which will be able to charge the vehicle while they are running on the road. We don’t need to stop by any charging point and we can go on with our journey without any hurdle.

Innovation & working

Special road will be built and special equipment’s will be installed like AC tower, AC/DC converter, stations etc. and they will be connected below the road. When any car will be passes by, Car will adapt the energy from the road it will be recharged. These road will be called as “Smart roads”. We will be able to charge our vehicle during the journey.

Electrical charging Road
Electrical charging Road

UK government is going to test these roads. Trial will be done after this year. And after the testing gets successful, this tech will help us to save our environment.

Wind up

This new innovation by UK government has really created a new record in technological field. With the success of this idea, we will able to save our environment and also our power sources like gases, their consumption will be reduced to very low amount. Emerging innovative ideas, like solar power use, and electrical vehicle are the best example to save the environment.



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Written by Ashutosh Kapil

Ashutosh is a gadget freak person who is very intersted in new and emerging technology & facinated about the smartphone related stuff.