Emergency Security Update Coming To Nexus Devices

Keeping up with the promise of monthly security update in Nexus Devices but still it can’t protect your device completely. Google has announced they are releasing a mid-month security patch due to the discovery of an exploit that could bring harm to some devices like Nexus 5 and 6. The issue arose after Google found out about a rooting application using an “unpatched local elevation of privilege vulnerability in the kernel”. In simple words  malicious application would have the power to affect the code within the software and to fix the handset, re-flash the whole operating system is required.

It is still difficult to get affected if you use apps from Google play store or use verified apps from Google and the only way to get your device affected if you install rooting app through manual installation. They also announced that Android devices on kernel versions 3.4, 3.10, 3.14 including all nexus devices but Android devices on kernel version 3.18 or higher are not vulnerable. All Android one devices in India are also vulnerable to this rooting application because they are running on kernel 3.10 version. There are multiple layers of security and keep your devices safe until the update comes in few days.

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