F1 2015 – Game Review


This years F1 2015 by Codemasters is providing race game enthusiasts with chills all around the world. F1 2015 brings us the most realistic and thrilling representation of F1 yet. There is no room for error, it is for the ones with pure racing DNA. with

The best part of the F1 games has always been the feeling of participating in a full length race. You can set up a handful of three or five lap races if you’re short on time, but there is nothing better than a breath taking 71 lap race in Brasil. It is precise and extremely tense.

The career mode is a little step back as you can no longer create your own personal racer. Instead it’s just one season playing as any of the presents F1 drivers which is not that bad either, because of that the game has shortened alot, the racing is way better because there are no emails to read through and no team contract offers to ponder over between championship races. Just hit the peddle and WRRROOOOOOOM !.!




Codemasters has introduced a Pro Season mode in which all the assists are turned off, the AI difficulty is at its hardest setting, and you’re restricted to the cockpit view for entire races, which is pretty cool by the way. F1 2015’s graphical improvements and the major changes to its handling model are very impressive. The overall feel of an F1 race is very much present in F1 2015 which was lacking in all previous versions.

Your race engineer, Jeff, gives you most of the information as you race, even advising on how you’re dealing with tyre wear as you complete each lap. The Opponent AI has been improved alongside the game’s handling. They’re defensive when you’re on the chase, and aggressive as soon as they get a gap to overtake, utilising DRS to pull off any passes they can. It can be a little annoying when sometimes an AI mistake can spin your car around ruining your race, but the unlimited flashbacks option lets you replay any incidents to avoid that.

F1 2015 is best played at the toughest setting you can handle. It feels more challenging and satisfying. Codemasters has greatly improved the sense of torque in the rear wheels, and you can really feel the power of the car’s back end as you exit a sharp turn. F1 2015 lacks content, Other than the Single Championship, Pro Season and Quick Race options, there’s very little to do here. F1 2015 is the best representation of F1 racing to date, I thought I might be bored of racing round the same tracks by now, but F1 2015 surprised me. Gamers who are fed up of the Need For Speed series have a new challenge to complete now


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Written by Kevin Kain

I'm an Animation and Multimedia student specializing in 3D, also a Game enthusiast and a 3D Concept Artist :)