Facebook ‘N’ Internet to connect world

Facebook has emerged as a widely used social networking website that had a great history to overcome all the other and is still standing high in all the other upcoming ones in competition.

Facebook social connection

Currently, Internet seems to have 3 billion people connected to it and having the access to it, but 3 billion more are set to come online, as the market in India and Africa is emerging.
Facebook is all set with its plan to have the global domination. Earlier this week, the company comes up with a new kind of Ad format meant to bring a video experience to low-bandwidth emerging markets.
World still has a huge swath of population that is untouched. And that’s way Facebook says its just the beginning.

Internet-Facbook to connect the world

According to the current stats,
• Facebook has 1.5 billion monthly active users
• Instagram, its photo sharing app, has 300 million users
• Messenger has 700 million users
• WhatsApp, its chat app, has 900 million users.
Facebook wants to keep its expectations high and its $3.8 billion in quarterly ad revenue climbing.

Facebook-Internet Strategy to Expand:

1. Make Facebook Works everywhere :
It’s not same case for most of the world to get the access to the Apps on their phone and scroll through their News Feed without noticeable lag time.
Example of India can be considered where most of the people still uses the 2G.

To overcome this problem, engineering and product teams are set. The company had created an open-source Network Connection Class System that lets the App figure out a user’s connection speed on the fly. With this info, it can adjust what kind of News Feed stories it shows them and how to load them.

2. Make sure all the users make their money useful :
Facebook need to make money and also wants the user’s needs to be fulfilled. That’s why the company provides new ways to tailor its ads to features phones and slower connections.
It launched a Creative Accelerator program to help advertisers think of unique ways to connect with regional audiences and work with the local infrastructure.
It’s the main goal of the company to make sure that it can reap revenue from all users.

3. Spread Internet to keep the flow of Coming Users :
Facebook don’t want to rely on the government to get people in emerging countries online.
Company makes it possible with Internet.org, which it leads, the non-profit organization.
It has also linked up with the local service providers called Free Basics which lets people use Facebook and the other apps without paying.

It’s not only the Facebook who’s making efforts to connect the world. While Facebook makes its drones, Google is also flying internet balloons all over the world too.


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