Failed twice before 26/11 attacks : David Headley

26/11 scout David Coleman Headley, terrorist-turned-approver, on Tuesday disclosed that 10 terrorists who attacked Mumbai on November 26, 2008 had attempted the strike earlier on two occasions, but failed to execute it.

26/11 attacks
26/11 attacks

About the first attempt he added that they failed it as the terrorists lost all the arms and ammunition at sea as the boat hit some rocks. And second attempt was done a month or so later.
He also disclosed that Pakistan’s ISI provides support to Lashkar-e-Taiba. Pakistan’s ISI provide financial, moral and also military support to Lashkar.

26/11 attacks

EVENTS of David Headley:

He is a Pakistan-born American national Daood Gilani, a LeT operative, changed his name to David Headley.
2006 :
He changed his name to obtain a passport by portraying himself as an American who is neither Muslim nor Pakistani.
On behalf of LeT, he surveyed several locations in India.
headley had many trips to Mumbai for surveillance, videotaped all the potential targets.
Duing this period, after each trip to India, he travelled to Pakistan to brief Lashkar members.
FBI arrested him in Chicago as he about to leave the country.
In December , National Investigation Agency named Headley along with others in 26/11 chargesheet. The charge carries death penalty.
In January, US Court sentenced him to 35 years for federal terrorism crimes including 26/11
In December, Headley turns approver in front of Mumbai court.
And in February, Deposed before a special Mumbai court from an undisclosed location in the United Sates via video-conference.
During his deposition before special court he added that he was working for ISI also and during this period he met many people from Pakistani army.

In 2006, ISI official Major Pasha and LeT functionary Sajid Mir and others met to discuss plans to set up a business for Headley in Mumbai. He met Major Iqbal of ISI in Lahore and he asked him to gather military intelligence from India and also try to recruit someone from the India military to spy.
Towards the end of his conversation and the day’s questioning Headley told that he wanted to fight the Indian Army in Kashmir but was denied by Lakhvi , who said he was too old for it.
Later on he was informed that suitable task would be found for him.
Nikam suggests that all trainers had served in the Pakistan Army in the past. To which he replied, “No, not at all, some of them could barely read and write”.
On this Nikam asked him if he could handle sophisticated weapons. And he replied,” If you call an AK-47 a sophisticated weapon, then Yes.”



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