Fairphone 2, World’s First Modular Smartphone

From its predecessor Fairphone 1, Now it’s Fairphone 2 which is expected to hit the market in December. It is the World’s first Modular Android device and Fairphone 2, looks to give its owners a high degree of customization freedom by being totally modular.

Fairphone 2 Sleek Body
Fairphone 2 Sleek Body

The company has made all of its parts easy to disassemble and replace, making it much like a desktop PC. When one part gets outdated or busted, you just swap it out and change it with new one. No need to upgrade to a whole new phone.

Fairphone 2 Designed to repair
Fairphone 2 Designed to repair

It’s a refreshing idea, but the Fairphone 2 has a price tag of €525 ($583), and only runs middle of the road hardware. 2 gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of internal storage. There’s an 8MP rear facing camera, and a 5” Full HD LCD display. The smartphone consists of seven major building blocks: the back cover, removable battery, display assembly, main chassis, receiver module, rear camera module, and speaker module. Positioned this way, the components that break most often, like the screen, are isolated for better repair ability.

Fairphone 2 Modular design
Fairphone 2 Modular Design

In addition to swap able blocks, you can even change things inside the modules: for example, a mic or a speaker. They are press-fit, not glued, and can be extracted with simple tools.

Nothing to thrill, but the selling point here isn’t bombshell specs. and to claims to be last 5 years. The Fairphone 2 is only being released in a handful of select European countries for the time being. The company is looking to expand in the future, and they’re also seeking to advance the freedom-of-ownership concept further by having future models come without pre-loaded Google software.

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