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Ubisoft hits the industry with another masterpiece which we all know as Far Cry 4. The game was one of the most anticipated games of 2014 right from the release of it trailer, And this time it all got wild and crazy in a Himalayan Country named Kyrat. After the huge success of Far Cry 3 there was a lot expected form Far Cry 4 and it stood right up to what was expected of it. The Insanity, the wildness and a badass villain. We are Ajay Ghale who travels to Kyrat, to scatter his mother’s ashes. But, ends up shedding blood for the Golden Path, an army of freedom fighters founded by his late father Mohan Ghale, who broke out a civil war with Pagan Min, the ruler of Kyrat.

Far Cry Series isn’t about the heroes, its about the antagonists. Pagan Min is a badass villain, as Vaas Montenegro was in Far Cry 3. He has a special interest in Ajay and to show his frightful character, a scene show Pagan tasting Ajay’s mother’s ashes. but, he’s so charismatic that you’ll never get enough of him. Then there are two leaders of the Golden Path, Amita and Sabal who never agree to each other as both have different opinions about how to takeover Kyrat this is where you step in and decide whom to support.


The map is a beautiful landscape of  mountains, valleys and rivers. The Himalayan flora and fauna gives it a very different and alluring feel. The map is very large and divided into two parts north and south, and the scenery and atmosphere changes is very noticeable as you travel from the southern side to the northern parts. This time you take full advantage of the wingsuit which is available in the shop from the beginning of the game. The feeling of sprinting towards the edge of a mountain, leaping off and freely floating down into a valley is just amazing. There’s a main river which begins in the north and ends in the south, and  if you jump off from the north point, you actually glide from one corner of the map to another. There are also some missions which take place in the Himalayas.

Pagan Min is the real star of the game.


Gyrocopters is an addition, because the map is very large you can often fly this thing to get to far away places and also enjoy the aerial view as well. There are new land and water vehicles .The grappling hook is another new addition, you can use it to climp up and down vertical surfaces and swing across gaps, but you can only attach it to pre-defined points though, which is slightly disappointing.

Wildlife is an important part of the Far Cry series, and Kyrat is filled with dangerous creatures. There are beasts like elephants, rhinos, and black bears, as well as monkeys, honey badgers, and eagles, and a you can go after anything but NEVER mess with a rhino. Everything alive is there to kill you, But, equally, animals will attack enemies, often to your advantage. I once just hit an elephant with an arrow and watched it rampage an entire outpost for me. You can even ride an elephant once you’ve unlocked the skill. The new fortresses are like mega outposts, filled with tough, armored enemies and alarms, are very difficult to capture, once the alarm is triggered an Army of helicopters will arrive to hunt you down like a dog.

The map is revealed as you unlock the towers just like Far Cry 3 but sometimes the tower are well guard with snipers and heavy gunners. There’s a lot to do in Kyrat with side quests and Karma events which can emerge anywhere. The majority of side quests come with great rewards. There are some really great moments in the story especially your first trip to Shangri-La.

Far Cry 4 is an outstanding game and is a great addition to the Far Cry series, Its a successful game and filled with insanity, wildness and adventure. In short it has everything an few things more that you’d expect from a Far Cry, The Exotic Country, a devilishly attractive villain and a guy ina messed up situation.

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Written by Kevin Kain

I'm an Animation and Multimedia student specializing in 3D, also a Game enthusiast and a 3D Concept Artist :)