How to hide any type of file into an JPG image (File Binding)

All you need is the software = “winrar” any version

you can get it from here “” and install it in your system. ok done? ..lets start..

—>follow these steps:-

1. first locate an image “having .jpg format” and file or folder “which u want to hide” on any drive “for example D: drive” or “desktop”.


2.Now right click on file or folder that u want to hide and press add to ‘filename.rar’.(the option will only seen if u already installed ‘winrar’) .this will generate a separate file with extension ‘.rar’ .


3. then go to start and type “run” ‘without quotes’ or press “window key+R” then type “cmd” ‘without quotes’ and hit enter.


4. command prompt will be opened . now type “cd desktop” ‘without quotes’ ‘u can replace “cd desktop” with ur any other drive letter where your files will placed. for eg:- “D:” and hit enter


5. now type “copy /b imagename.jpg+foldername.rar imagename.jpg” (without quote) replace “imagename” with ur image file name and “foldername” with ur file or folder name. And hit enter.



6. u will see “one file copied successfully”.


-> now  enter “exit” command and hit enter (or directly close the command prompt)

-> your image file having your data hide in it..

-> u can now delete other files (original file or folder and ‘file.rar’) except image file or jpg file.

7. to check your hidden data..

– >go to start..
– >type “winrar”..
– >drag your image file(having hidden folder or file in it)  in winrar .



->you can rename your jpg file from extension ‘.jpg’ ot ‘.rar’ with this command “ren imagename.jpg imagename.rar” (it will directly opened by winrar)->
->u can also extract it ..


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