Google IM2Calories app for measuring calories in your food

Google IM2Calories

Google IM2Calories
Google IM2Calories

The fever of clicking selfies, pictures of foods, places, friends and posting it on Instagram is on fire. Everybody loves to click a picture of themselves or of their favorite foods and post on Instagram. Talking about the health and food, if you want to check out or measure the calories in your food you can just click a picture of it and post it on Instagram. Google is planning to calculate how much amount of calories is present in your food. So let’s check it out that how Google is going to help us in maintaining our weight by measuring the calorie amount in our food.


Google is working on an artificial program called as IM2Calories app, which can tell us about the amount of calorie present inside our food. Yes, this is very difficult to understand for us that how we can calculate the calories from a picture? But this thing is real.

Google IM2Calories
Google IM2Calories

Recently, Rework deep learning summit announced this tool to identify the amount of calories. Rework deep learning summit is working on artificial intelligence related stuffs like identifying patters inside a digital representation of Images, or any media like videos etc.

How this project actually works

During the IM2Calories project presentation Google’s researcher kevin P Murphy said that,”this software uses the deep learning algorithms to analyze a still or static photo of any food, calculates the amount of calories in the food by measuring the size with respect to the plate and the food type. So you can get the details of any type of condiments present in that type of food.
According to Murphy they have designed this software to be aware from the food which is bad for your health. He also said that the program may not be able to get the correct information at first but as people will use the software and provide the feedback, software will be improved more and more with time.

This is a great challenge for Google to enter into a new field of technology with its calorie app but still we hope the best and this project will be helpful for us.

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