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Google web light:-

No doubt faster internet changes our lives. But some part of this world still don’t have high speed internet plans at their homes. Firstly, broadband internet was introduced to solve the web problems, in past years, the internet connection speed is much better than back in 90’s. Internet in the developed cities may be much better, but still there are some places in the world, where people are still using the 2G connection. Smartphone with 3G, 4G LTE, are launched in the mobile market. But they are of no use at some of the places with 2G connection. Web pages take so long time to load. The major issue here is, the slow connections.

Google web light
Google web light

Solving this problem, Google has recently launched a project named, Google web light. This project was initiated in Indonesia, but now Google will be rolling the project over India too.

Introducing Google Web Light Technology in India

Web pages with high quality of graphics & media takes a lot of time to load on a 2G connection. These types of pages drains a lot of user’s data and increasing the time of loading.

The main Idea

Google web light project is aimed to load the web pages with a faster speed, allowing the web page to load 4X faster, using 80% less data. This will increase the web traffic with 50 % faster. The main idea behind the project is to detect the slow connection via the browser that the user will be using either chrome or other. Then passing the webpage that user wants to see to their own server. Next step will be the transcoding of web page by removing some of the advertisements, & some few unnecessary elements from the page. At the final step, a new transcoded page will be shown to the user. The transcoded page will contained reduced data, but relevant to the original page. User will see only the optimized web page loading at a faster speed. A link to the original page will also be provided, so that users can switch to the original page if they want.


Google web light seems to be a solution to the slow connection problems, by reducing the page size, and loading it at 4X faster speed. Google is trying to improve the customer’s experience while working on a slow connection at those places where even 4G enabled smartphone are of no use. Less waiting time, automatically increases the user’s experience.

Here is a video, showing the Google web light in action:

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Written by Ashutosh Kapil

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