Greenland Struggle For Independence

In January 2016, Greenland announced that it wouldn’t opt the World Climate Summit deal, which is the global agreement to lower greenhouse emissions. According to them, it would cost hundreds of millions of dollar to Greenland and further delay their chance of getting independence from Denmark.

There Struggle for power starts back in 1721 when they are colonized by Danish-Norwegian missionary. After Denmark and Norway gets split about in century, which leaved Greenland under the rule of Denmark. And first spark of independence in Greenland ignited in 1953 when they get representation in Denmark parliament. Around after two decades, Greenland was granted with home rule which gave them more control. In 2008, an overwhelming majority of Greenland citizens voted in favour of self-governing referendum which gave them control over law enforcement, coast guard and legal system and also changed Danish language to Greenlandic Language. Despite from these controls, Greenland is far away from full autonomy. Being a one of the country in Kingdom Denmark, they are entitled with around $1 billion dollar a year or half of Denmark GDP. Also Denmark support Greenland citizens with military and handling their foreign affairs.

In order to build a self-sufficient economy, in 2010 Greenland discovered offshore oil reserves. Three years later they lifted 25 years ban on mining on radioactive materials. Moreover, melting of Arctic ice which is the result of global warning made possible to mining in places which are not reachable before. Greenland government plans to use natural resources to end their dependency¬† on Denmark. That why they reject global summit deal in support of their sovereignty. But still Greenland have no workable plan to claim their independence. Unemployment rate is so high that can’t be reduced too fast and to put things in place to gain independence still need years for them.

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