“ Har ek Friend kamina hota hai “

Friend , the person whom we all met in our childhood and shared our thoughts and other stuffs. From their onwards friends become an life time requirement for us. Our life moves on and in the same ways frineds also , but many of them stick with us till the end.
We makes friends throughout our life, but all are not the same. Some of them means a lot to us , and for other we don’t give a damn. It just depends on your relations and your understanding.
True friends are the one who creates more problems for you at your extreme end, just to be with you.
All friends are not the same. Each one of them have their own role to play in your life. So that’s provides us a broad category to classify them, according to one’s need.

Har ek friend kamina hota hai



1. Frienemy
It’s the combination of both friends and enemy that provides you a love–hate relationship. You are just friends to have work together.
2. Used-to-be-Friends
The one you met a very long time ago, and are still friends but have less interaction. Both wants to move with their pace to live the life.
3. Friend as Resource
The one whon you consider your friend during your childhood because he has the Bat and ball to play cricket.
4. Critsizing Friend
the best one who always call you with a weird name, and provide you the inspiration to get rid of you bad habits. He might have made you to lose weight also by calling you fatso.
5. Homework Friends
This one is required by each one of us get our homework completed on time. It seems to be a sun shine when there are too much clouds of problems(assignment). Also acts a helping hand in the exam.
6. Part-time Friends
They come in existence during your free hours to spend some happy hours to become stress free.
7. Friend-with secrets
You should never mess with this one as he knew each n every secret of yours that you haven’t shared to anyone.
8. Late-nite Friends
These friends exist on our life all the time and considered as the best backup in the worse condition.
9. Class Friend
You will feel alone if these are absent even if only for a day. You are happy to be together and share the things and mainly the food.
10. Elder Friend
They provide you the brief description of the upcoming problems that they have already faced but you are going to have them in your life in a short time.
11. Angry Friend
You all love to bully him to much as he gets irritated to fast and its your daily routine to follow.
12. Online Friends


1. Teachers
They don’t want you to sit together.
2. Intermediate
It just provide the wrong information to both the ends to get them seprated.
3. Destination
Both have a different life expectations and want to achieve them
4. Girlfriend/ Boyfriend
They decrease your happy hours that you spend together.

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