How to Hide Drives in My Computer ( windows )

Hello Friends, This registry tweaks allows you to control visibility of your drives in My computer.
Just follow these steps :-

1). Press “Windows Key +R” and type “regedit” (without quotes).

2). Registry Editor will pop up. Now follow this path [HKEY_CURRENT_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\explorer]

->> Explorer Key mostly does not exist, so right click on the “Policies” and click on “Key” and name it as “explorer”.
3). Then right click on “explorer” and click ‘new’ then create ‘DWORD (32 bit) value’ and name it as “NoDrives” (without quotes).

4).  Now double click on “NoDrives” and tick on Decimal under ‘Base‘ enter the Decimal values Under ‘value data‘ according to the Drive letter (which we want to hide . for eg. ‘K’  and their Decimal value is “1024”).

The list of Decimal Values according to Drive letter :-   

A: 1        B: 2         C: 4        D: 8        E: 16        F: 32        G: 64         H: 128        I: 256        J: 512         K: 1024         L: 2048         M: 4096          N: 8192        O: 16384          P: 32768        Q: 65536        R: 131072        S: 262144        T: 524288        U: 1048576        V: 2097152        W: 4194304         X: 8388608        Y: 16777216        Z: 33554432


–> if you want to hide multiple drives like Drive A and Drive E . simply ADD there corresponding values as (1+16 i.e “17”) and enter  17 in “value data“.  (for ALL drives  simply enter 67108863 this value).

5). Now click “ok”  and close registry editor and Restart your PC or laptop to see effects !!

–> To Show those drives simply delete the entire “NoDrives” key or make Changes in there values.

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