Why Hindus Attacking Muslims


In September 2015, an angry crowd beat a Muslims to death on being accused that he ate beef although there is no proof. Hindus are not widely known for advocate violence, But in India they are very severe clashes with Muslims. So why they are attacking Muslims?

Islam and Hinduism are the second and largest religions in the world. Islam has a strict adherence to its customs and a single God. Meanwhile in Hinduism, they believe in many Gods from a single to many and also have variety of belief system. There mutual difference are from the historical times. For several hundred years, Muslims empire are spread across the world and controlled by one emperor to several kilometers. India was also controlled by Mughal empire and offer many resentment policies for Hindus and taken over by the British and the dividing India into three parts but making Pakistan for Muslims. This 1947 partition also responsible for largest mass migration in history and led to intense violence. This left India with Overwhelming Hindus, with small population of Muslims. 80% of Indian are Hindus and 14% of Indian are Muslims, Second highest in India. Since, 1950 thousand of people were killed over provoked and unprovoked riots against Muslims. In 2002, a train carrying Hindus was ostensibly carried out by Muslims. This led to three-day long riots in Gujarat killing as many as 2000 Muslims and many were displaced from their homes. Political parties played a vital roles in these riots. One said that Hindus must have four times as many children to avoid Muslim overpopulation. India’s religious violence issue has less to do with religion and more with xenophobia. Still many Hindus stand up for Muslims and have been sheltered and protected them during riots. With the growth of India, it can be Hoped that the two groups will solve their differences.

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