History of Berlin Wall

November 9th, 2015 marks as 26th years since the fall of Berlin wall. It represented not only physical barrier for the people of Germany, But an ideology divide that split the world in two parts. What many people don’t know about Berlin Wall is that it did not run along the border between East and West Germany. So why Berlin wall was built and how did it fall down.

Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall

Well, to put some of this in perceptive, it’s important to note the state of Germany just after World war two. The Germans lost the war, ceding the former Nazi power to the Allies. The US, UK, France, and The USSR. The easternmost part was allocated to Poland to make up for the lost land during the war. The rest of the country was split into four portions. The Soviet took over the zone to the east. The US, the UK and the France occupied zones in western half of the Germany. This left Berlin. Technically, it was the part of the Soviet’s but since Berlin was the capital of Germany and the former home of Nazi regime, it held significant historical and political value. So to keep things fair, Berlin was also carved into four parts, mirroring the rest of the Germany.

Berlin Wall view

This arrangement worked but soon, the USSR began planning to take over rest of the Berlin. At the same time, USSR also pushing Socialism throughout it’s territory including east Germany. So to do this, they started to restrict access to the west Berlin one of the first flash point of the cold war, known as the Berlin Blockade. And things only get worse from here—they started to restrict the emigration their part of the Germany. They built a massive wall, known as inner German Wall with barbed wires, alarms, mines and thousands of east German troops. Life became abysmal from there particularly compared to west Germany. Thousands of east Germans defected, using a direct subway line between  West Berlin and west Germany to bypass closed border. To put end to this, Soviet’s erected the Berlin Wall in 1961 running nearly 160 km along.

people crossing the Berlin Wall

This border was not for protecting their territory but actually this wall was to defect their citizens from the west. Th Wall stood for almost 3 decades. The Berlin Wall symbolize the conflicts between socialist and democratic nations and came down in 1989.

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