HOLUS : The Holographic Pyramid Projector

Ever dreamed of having high tech lab gadgets like that of tony stark (cast Robert John Downey, Jr.) in iron man or that of Dexter’s lab? … Well not all but one of the tech resembling them has arrived in the real world.

Hologram projector called Holus, Developed by Vancouver based h++ technology. User using smart phone, tablet or PC can interact with 3D object inside the pyramid. It’s a platform that makes digital world physical by converting flat screen experience into 3D holographic experience.

Why Holus?

Well, the main Motto behind this project is to help people to interact with technology more naturally in group rather than alone creating a social campfire alike environment. It provides an ultimate family entertainment experience and also act as business tool for projecting presentations.Holus6
It takes the image from a laptop or smartphone and turns it into a 3D hologram which is projected through four glass facings of table top pyramid projector.

Holus Splits image on all four facing of pyramid allowing multiple user interaction. Holus Tracks movement of device when held by user and shifts image giving the impression of a floating 3D object.

It gives you an Ideal 360 degree experience, allows wireless communication to connect devices with ease,also middle ware lets you connect with any sensor nearby.it comes with Tempered glass which is durable as well as reliable to use.holus

Two versions of Holus will be made available – a home edition with two smart phone charging docks and a Holus Pro. Holus Pro includes an HDMI port and SDK tool.

Now it is only available in proto phase, but soon a First consumer model will be unveiled by March 2016.

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Written by VJ Panwar

When you combine ignorance and leverage, you get some pretty interesting results..