Hormones That Controls Sugar And Alcohol Carvings


Feels desperate for another candy bar or cocktail? US scientists found the hormones that control your carvings for sugar and alcohol. Two independent research group have found a hormone which is produced by the liver (fibroblast growth factor 21 or FGF21) that suppresses the desire to consume  sugar published in Cell Metabolism suggest.

This research is still unprecedented and only appetite controlling hormones are known. First and foremost, the findings can help people with diabetes, as well as those who might not be able to sense when they have had enough sugar, which may contribute to diabetes , according to co-first author Lucas BonDurant.

In one of the studies, researchers used genetically-engineered mice, injecting FGF21 and giving the mice a choice between a normal diet and a sugar-enriched diet. As a result, the mice didn’t stop eating sugary foods altogether, but ate seven times less. In a different experiment, scientists studied genetically-modified mice that either didn’t produce FGF21 at all, or produced over 500 times more of the hormone than normal mice. The former ate more sugar, while the latter consumed less, researchers found.

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