Hug day : wish your Valentine with these poems


Rising high, from deep blue sky,

Into space, where all loose pace,
Land onto a moon, brightest which bloom,
Took out of my pocket that torn paper,
Carve a heart and a caricature,
Heart with an arrow through,
Caricature of us hugging two,
I kept it there to tell centuries,
That how much I love you,
I would always irritate you, bug you,
Because that’s what love is all about bring just me and you,
Come in my cozy arms let me hug you.


Stars to lights,
The ones shining bright,
To the ones which seems dim,
Or our of sight,
Let them all know that,
We! We are together in this fight.
No one can part us though,
its the lightening bolt be might.
We live to love and love to live,
There is nothing except you for me to give,
Cuddle you in my right side,
Can you see my dream with your closed eyes?
Me as groom and you dressed at bride.


Stay Insane

Written by Mojo-Jojo

Traveller| Gamer | Foodie | Cinephillic