Imperialist Tweet By Facebook Investor on India

One of the Facebook investor Mark investors imperialist tweet causes an outrage in indian social media. This tweet was basically on the response of  ban by Indian regulators on the “Free Basics Facebook” program.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has ruled against differential data pricing tied to content services from telecom and others effectively ending zero-rating platforms in India. Zero-rating platforms provide access to some websites for free. Facebook’s Free Basics  comes under that and the company had tied up with Reliance Communications to launch the program in India. And this tweet, the social media of India outrage on the Facebook investor with like these tweets

Andreessen was accused of “racism” and “imperialism,” with Facebook Inc. also denouncing his statement officially.“We strongly reject the sentiments expressed by Marc Andreessen last night regarding India,” the company said .Mark Andreessen on realizing the mistake he made by poking the largest market for Facebook in the coming years and in order to compensate it, he tweeted again

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also took to his own Facebook page to describe Andreessen’s comment as upsetting.

Facebook Investor showed their real side but India being a largest market for their company, they have to change their statement. And all the Free basics program ads on your Facebook page are just to attract and you towards their program and if TRAI rejects that program there will be a reason for that.



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