Why India As a Nation is Destined to Fall and Fail. [Part 1]

Our country is overrun not with Army, not with Tanks but with an infection , The infectious idea of Purity of ones over other . Everywhere there is the  majority of one particular religion , the  minority is made to Belive and is filled with the fear of being overrun and to stick to the idea of extremism and unity to their own kind, but what kind will you classified a human if they too got two arms and two legs . They must be different because their beliefs are different than ours. Why are we not taught to  respect other religious values why we are from birth are made to hate others. If not made to hate, at least made to see ourselves as pure and our God as the one true one.

Before, I go any further and write more stuff please read this article with an open mind. If there is something I can’t understand or learn , I will and would love to know , but for rest of this article read from a perspective of Human being not yet influenced by religion and politics .

The country is not only divided among the lines of religion, but also by their political views .

Some are known as bhakts, Some are Aaptards , some left, some right, some north, some south and this some we have forgotten we are Indian first,  We say WE ARE PROUD OF THIS DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY BUT ARE READY TO DRINK THE BLOOD OF THOSE,WITH A DIFFERENT OPINION THAN OURS . Either I don’t understand the meaning of democratic republic or all those you are more intelligent than average us .

I think it’s better to divide it into parts  , so this is part one of many to come .
With this post I hope We all Rise and shine, not just the FEW .

Please feel free to post your opinions and Abuses .
Opinion will be Read and noted, Abuses, I’ll  See them too.



Stay Insane

Written by JerkShakespear