Why India needed Modi. Why it was so important for Modi ji to win 2014 Elections. Ask the right questions.

Well, definitely not because we are going to get a Ram mandir, or we were supposed to get 15 Lakhs in our bank accounts. But because we choose the political party which didn’t asked votes on the basics of development but rather on how poorly others performed. They still don’t ask for your votes to make a developed country or a progressive state, but a place where you either vote for them or you are a traitor.

We need to ask some serious questions, since when supporting a party makes us nationalist or anti-national. When you think any one party or all together are bigger than Nation, then how nationalist you are? You need to ask how a population of 14.2% is dangerous to all other. Can they even be treated as threats are they threats??

This fear and constant threat propagated through media, is it worth it? Do we need to ask question how standing in a cinema hall makes us Nationalist? Or we should ask why more than 30 children died in a hospital, why soldiers are getting rations of worst quality.

Where would we take our child when he/she is not well. Will you be taking him/her to Gurdwara, Mosque, Church or temple to get him treated or a Hospital is the place, is the place you will run to. We have a notion which is embedded in us from early childhood, to blame others for our misfortune. But aren’t we the architecture of our own future?

Is this not the nation where Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus fought shoulder to shoulder for the freedom?

Why we think being associated to particular party(BJP) makes us real sons/daughters of soil?

Isn’t BJP parent organization  of the people who, played hand in hand with britishers and were also responsible for arrest of many freedom fighters.  We celebrate a man and call him VEER? why because he used to write letters for pardon from jail and used to pledge alliance to British raj. And not Freedom fighters like Ashfaqulla Khan?

Now, we have done and mistake, put our nation in the hands of people who can’t even run their homes.

And most important question Is

Kya acche din yeh hai ?

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Written by JerkShakespear