Insane TomorrowWorld || Fastest growing music festival

when we dream of freedom the very first word that comes to our mind in todays time is Tomorrowland, a three day music festival held across the globe every year which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

TomorrowWorld is one of the US’s largest music festivals. Attracting 160,000 revelers from more than 75 countries and all 50 states throughout its three days, the festival’s 2014 economic impact report strongly reflects the amount of foot traffic in rural Georgia at last year’s event.

No Doubt its true but do you guys know that recently it has generated a revenue of $94 million economic activity across Georgia — about $72 million of which has been deemed new activity surrounding Atlanta.


With TomorrowWorld 2015′s phase one lineup already revealed, it can be clearly stated that its going to make a huge gross in this year’s economic state. If you have not visited tomorrowland then start saving and buy your tickets for insane festival at here.

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Written by MonsieurG3

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